Why Jump Forward

Career Issues:

Which of these issues are most true for you – select up to three:


 What do I want to be now that I’m this grown up?

 The job search process is daunting and demeaning. There must be a better way!

 I don’t want to leave this place but they don’t really get what I have to offer.

 I need a new job. I’ve been out of to work way too long.

 I hate my boss but I can’t just quit.

 I’ve got to get out of this job but I don’t have the time or strategy to make the transition.

 I can’t believe I just got passed up again for the promotion everyone agrees I deserve.

 I work really hard. Why am I still so far from hitting my sales goals?

I went to grad school to become an intelligent trusted advisor – not to become a salesman.

I’m tired of everyone’s opinions about my resume but I have to do something to get more interviews.

I know I ought to be networking but it’s so humiliating/embarrassing to have to beg people for job leads.

I used to be so motivated. Why am I having such a tough time keeping my confidence up?

Why does it take me 2 hours to write a cover letter?

It is so frustrating to come so close to these job offers. 

I wish I knew how to fix what I’m doing wrong on to these interviews.

College was fun! Now what do I want to be when I really grow up?

Why speak with a

Jump Forward Career Catalyst?

Career Coach - Reliable


Since 1998, we’ve guided hundreds of clients through career transitions and advancements. Check our testimonials. Our step-by-step strategy – from clarifying your career blueprint to securing and negotiating the final offer – reliably leads to outstanding career satisfaction and success. In a sea of 50,000 coaches worldwide, our founder was one of the first one percent to earn Master Certified Coach, the highest credential from the International Coach Federation.

Career Coach - Strategic


For people to understand your value, you must convey relevant information the right way. Our Ivy League educated founder has been innovating and pioneering career coaching since 1998. A former adjunct professor at New York University, he starts with the big picture, providing exercises and assessments to identify a brilliant career path precisely suited to your skills and expertise.

Career Coach - Personalized


Your outstanding career satisfaction and unique success is our top priority. You don’t have to go it alone. With our highly personalized approach, you’ll enjoy personal growth and deep fulfillment in the process. Our team and community provide support and guidance as we walk with you hand-in-hand toward becoming the one most outstanding candidate for the job you’ll love.

Career Coach - Energizing


Staying in action is the name of the game. We work together to keep you moving towards the finish line every day.  What was daunting is now daring. What was draining is now engaging. What was frustrating is now fun. You’ll find our responsiveness to helping you win to be fast, fascinating and effective.  High Five!

Creating a “tribe” of “Leadership Career Lovers”… people who are committed to pursue and succeed at creating careers of their dreams for themselves and everyone around them (- until 1.6 million people on this planet go from unemployed, underemployed or unhappy to outstanding career satisfaction, balance (romantic bliss, family harmony and well being) and happiness (true fulfillment, gratitude for everything in the past, excited and moved about everything they are up to for in their future).