Adam Akst

“Our talks were very helpful for me to grow and develop as a person. Your suggestion to watch the TED talks about body language has been a great tool in making me feel more confident. Our discussions about being persistent while looking for a job even when it is the last thing you want to do has really helped as well. Staying positive and forward looking, makes me sit down and look for new jobs. The CRM that you encouraged me to create and maintain has also been a great tool in keeping my contacts organized and current.”

Director of Commodities,
Morgan Stanley

Michelle Spiniello

“I found a really great job … I totally took your coaching advice, revamped my resume, and stuck to looking for companies within the parameters that we talked about in our coaching session.”

Project Manager,

Jon Kinderlerer

“Jonathan was instrumental in helping me get to the next stage of my career.”

Managing Director,
Credit Suisse

Bill Ruggiero

“Jonathan Flaks has provided insightful coaching for me in my career planning and job search as well as invaluable leadership counsel in the first several months after I landed my position. Jonathan helped me view situations and opportunities from a creative perspective. He has a unique style that goes beyond the typical “by the book” practices and offers very compelling and interactive sessions in bringing out the best in his clients. I would recommend him highly for personal and business engagements.”

Finance Executive,
Goya Foods

James Riina

“My relationship with Jonathan has guided me to my dream job and an improved life.  If you have the opportunity to work with Jonathan, you’ll quickly realize the value of having a dependable, strategic advisor.”

Managing Director,
Keller Williams Commercial Real Estate

Name held confidential

“Through Jonathan’s counsel I was able to prepare a much better and more impactful CV that helped me to be invited to job interviews and to obtain a promotion at my employer, the United Nations… His recommendations still resonate with me and I am utterly grateful.”

United Nations

Jason Murphy

“You have helped me see my work, my value and my approach to people in a new, constructive light. I’m now calmer, more confident and everyone seems to be getting along much better…Thank you for what you have contributed to my career and for how you have been a champion of the firm’s culture for me and my team.”

Management Company CFO,
Riverside Company Private Equity

Matthew R. Bud

“Jonathan’s presentation at our recent chapter meeting was thoroughly engaging. He connected with everyone present in a way I don’t often see. His thoughtful approach clearly has tremendous value in building confidence and clear communication to successfully navigate your next career move.”

Executive Recruiter and Chairman,
The Financial Executives Networking Group

Kathryn Caggiano

“The sessions you delivered to our students were instrumental and on the right track in terms of student professional development. They prompted us to offer a 5-day professional development program…that has proven to have a significantly positive impact for our students’ preparedness for the job search and professional environment.”

Ph.D., Director,
School of Operations Research and Information Engineering, Cornell University

Jon Alpert

“Jonathan is very good at getting you to think about leadership elements and insured that participants walk away with useful nuggets.”

Career Services Chairman,
Financial Executives International

Michele Kahme

“Jonathan Flaks is a terrific executive coach…His talents span a variety of areas. I recommend him strongly because of the positive results we’ve had here with the individual executives he has coached. And personally it’s really enjoyable to speak with him…A conversation with him will get you thinking.”

Vice-President of Human Resources,
BMG Entertainment

Arnie Norse

“Working with Jonathan helped me come out of my shell and put new practices into place…We have seen double-digit improvements … [and] have also created a huge boost in morale.”

Distribution Manager,
Dean Foods

Britta Ostermeyer

“Jonathan’s coaching helped me analyze some high level challenges in a balanced manner and create a strategically sound plan. The outcome incorporated the core values and goals of my leadership development that we agreed needed to be respected. I appreciate that he was readily available, flexible and at all times helpful. I’m mostly grateful for having developed an unwavering capability to be a source of harmony in my workplace and the world.”

Professor and Chairperson,
University of Oklahoma

Scott Coplan

“Jonathan Flaks clearly led the group through visualizing the future, setting goals and understanding our weakness to find our next opportunity.”

Finance Executive,
Chloe & Isabel

Michael Spohn

“Great outside-the-box thinking on basic concepts.”

Energy Investment Research Analyst
PMV Research LLC

John Serena

“Great framework in looking at what is important to you and ways to approach a job search.”

JP Morgan Chase

Ira L. Sessler

“Through Jonathan’s guidance I learned of my own weaknesses and strengths. I must now be my own leader, take responsibility for improving myself, make decisions that will build on my strengths, diminish my weaknesses and demand my own results. If I cannot move myself towards being an improved leader, how can I lead others? Jonathan’s programs are engaging, valuable and will benefit anyone who is willing to dig deep and work hard towards self-improvement.”

Entrepreneurial Attorney,
Sessler & Sessler LLP

Name held confidential – IBM

“After being out of work for three years and having my confidence shaken, Jonathan helped me recognize and articulate the value I provided to people and businesses while I was out of work. Telling these stories conveyed my professional value and helped me land my dream job at IBM’s Watson division developing Artificial Intelligence.”

Artificial Intelligence Consultant,

Laura Sankowich

“I am grateful for our work together and the growth I’ve experienced as a result.”

Global Head of Marketing,
Cloud9 Technologies LLC