Here’s the ABCs of winning any game – Always Be Creating

Successful, creative businessman on steps of office building
From my two decades of executive career coaching reaching thousands of people, I have found that all human beings are infinitely creative and resourceful though sometimes blocked.


Whatever you’re up to in your career, your business and your life, I encourage you to always be coming up with new ways of dealing with challenges and problems.



Whatever changes you are making and wherever you want to grow, remember:


A.  Whatever you want to achieve or to have is available to you by virtue of being infinitely creative and resourceful.


B. You know people who know people who know other people.


C. You are free to Innovate and collaborate.


How to implement this philosophy starts with sharing what you are up to and brainstorming with other people you believe are creative and resourceful. There’s always the possibility that with collective experiences and imagination, more effective and efficient solutions will come out of these conversations.


For example, I had a client who was a vice-president, director and global head of marketing. She wanted to elevate her career to the role of Chief Marketing Officer. She spoke to mentors and peers and came up with a few ideas. One of them was an initiative of creating a special event with a panel of speakers. Through her networking and willingness to share her mission, she pulled some pretty impressive panelists comprising marketing leaders from the top Fortune 100 companies. The attendees at her event included her network’s key centers of influence.


A few months later, she was offered a chief marketing officer role.


What about you? What are you up to? I would love to hear about your goals and brainstorm ideas with you.

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