Creating Phone Victories Part 2: Energize The Line

successful businessman in a phone interview

How do you get your personality and smile to come across over the telephone especially at a time when more and more companies are using the phone as a first shortlisting step? Here are 4 tips:



1. Radiate energy: Take the best possible care of yourself by eating well, exercising and staying hydrated. When you practice healthy living, you’ll find yourself in a positive mental state more often.

Set up your notes on a high counter-top or standing desk so you’re standing during the phone call. Most importantly, smile, even if you can’t see each other. “Smiling affects how we speak, to the point that listeners can identify the type of smile based on sound alone, according to a study by scientists at the University of Portsmouth.” (


2. Put your mouth where your money is: It’s important to make sure you sound clear through the telephone connection. Put your mouth in the right place. Don’t put any of your fingers over your mouth and never use speakerphone. Be upbeat, loud and clear. Phone a friend in advance of the interview to make sure your phone is working well. Make any adjustments necessary like finding better reception or using a better headset. This may sound simple but many people do not speak directly into the mouthpiece and they end up sounding muffled and distant.


3. Pitching in the right tone: Remember the whole interview process is about matching. If you’re not the right fit, you’re a mis-fit for that job. Therefore, If your interviewer is monotone and matter-of-fact, you want to be more factual and even-toned. If they are effervescent and enthusiastic, be more upbeat, change up your tones and keep a bounce to your voice. Research supports this notion of matching as well.


4. Dancing in dialog: Pause between ideas and sentences. It shows that you are thinking. It also creates comfortable dialog.


Close your eyes after you read this sentence and imagine you can hear yourself applying these tips, acing your next telephone interview, and having this skill for a lifetime.

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