Corporate Career Enhancement

Hey Corporate HR Director, CEO or COO.

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Jump Forward Careers presents “How to Drive Your Career”

The Keys to Fueling Career Enhancement and Advancement

This program was created for companies that recognize the importance of growth and development for their employees.  Engagement is always higher if success, satisfaction and career growth is a commitment at your company and a real possibility.

“How to Drive Your Career” is blatantly a leadership, teamwork and interpersonal communication program.  The key difference is that this program shows your employees you CARE about each and everyone of them by providing this inspiring, life-changing exploration into:

  • Career direction
  • The power of a Can-Do Attitude
  • Overcoming obstacles and blind spots
  • Champions, Nay-sayers and Politics
  • Listening for opportunities to serve
  • Being innovative and proactive in the career context
  • Confidence

And more

Take a look at these few excerpts and contact us for a discussion about how we can deliver this innovative, interactive training for your people.

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