Be Unstoppable

You’re not a quitter. But do you find that new things sometimes stump you and make you feel like giving up? When a new skill or practice is difficult and different, it’s common to think we’re never going to get good it.


Learn razor-sharp strategies to be the one best candidate for a job you’ll love and get the recognition you deserve.


However, that’s the worst time to quit. I encourage you to be unstoppable.


My new motto:


Don’t stop ten yards after you’ve started. Move back 10 inches and start where you stopped.


Push on. Consider learning and growing to get better and pick it up again. Or perhaps delegate some aspects of it to someone who is excellent at some processes.


How about you? What are you challenged by that you don’t think you’re good at because maybe you stopped learning or stopped believing in yourself because it felt painful to be weak at something.


I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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