Clarifying Your Purpose

“A clear purpose will unite you as you move forward…and goals will focus your energy.”
– Author and management expert Kenneth H. Blanchard, Collaboration Begins With You: Be a Silo Buster

It was over 10 years ago at an International Coach Federation conference when I heard Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager, say these unforgettable words:
“If you aim for the target and you miss by a little, you’ll end up nowhere. Aim for the bull’s eye! You might hit it. And if you miss by a little at least you’ll hit your target.”

Whether you are in a role of leadership, or getting clients in a business development position, or looking for that next new amazing job, your ideal goal is the bull’s eye. That’s what I want you to be aiming for.

Now, think for a moment about the goal you are pursuing….
Is it a watered down version of what you really want? Has it even become a complete detour from commitments that would enliven and fulfill you? Are you working energetically and passionately towards that dream? Or did you, like a lot of other people, get into the habit of aiming low for a target that you think is more sensible?

Take on this exercise and really take the time to write down your answers:
1.If all of the obstacles in your way were to magically dissolve, what goal would you pursue?
2. If you decided to pursue that goal, what barriers or hurdles would now be worthwhile to overcome?
3. Who are the top three people with whom you can brainstorm to overcome these obstacles?

Maybe just having a support team of positive thinking people is all you need to bolster your confidence and keep you focused on that dream.

I’d be happy to do a sample coaching session with you at no charge to talk about what your fabulous new future would look like when you hit the bull’s eye, and how to go about it.

So how about you, when will you take a shot at hitting the bull’s eye in your career?